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Sagent created CAL FIRE’s statewide, “Ready For Wildfire” outreach campaign to educate residents and property owners in wildland areas about the steps they can take to protect their property from wildfire. Over the years, Sagent has created multiple ongoing Ready For Wildfire campaigns: “One Less Spark” focuses on fire prevention by encouraging caution when using outdoor equipment, burning debris, camping and more. “Ready, Set, Go!” addresses preparing for wildfire through getting ready by preparing your home and property, getting set by being prepared to evacuate if needed, and “Go!”—evacuating if the need arises. “Prepare for Bark Beetle” addresses an urgent need to educate property owners and residents about the severe tree mortality occurring in California’s forests due to drought and bark beetles. More dead trees equal more wildfire risk. The campaign promotes removing dead trees to reduce risk of wildfire.

Sagent placed extensive media for the CAL FIRE campaigns to reach audiences in the wildland areas. Media includes billboards, streaming radio, banner ads, broadcast radio, print and digital newspaper ads, gas pump toppers, gas station ice machine wrappers and convenience store posters.

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