Caltrans Fix50 Campaign

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Recently, Caltrans rehabilitated one of the busiest stretches of highway in the region, the Camellia City Viaduct. It is an elevated section of U.S. Highway 50 that connects Interstate 5, Highway 99, and Business 80 in downtown Sacramento, and serves a quarter million vehicles a day.
Caltrans asked ProProse to provide a public outreach and communications campaign to get the public to help reduce congestion during the project. Our integrated public outreach campaign was created to achieve these communication goals:

  • Create a memorable brand for the project that communicates where the project is, (Camellia City Viaduct had virtually no name recognition), and focused the public on the positive outcomes of the project rather than the inconvenience of closures and congestion. The name also needed to be short to fit on changeable message signs.
  • Bring together local leaders, transportation stakeholders, and emergency responders from across the area to support timing and approach for the work. Any schedule inevitably impacted some groups more than others and created friction.
  • Help conduct outreach to local businesses to gain their support for the project and work with them to reduce economic impact in the affected area.
  • Create awareness and cooperation by local residents and commuters throughout the area, to encourage them to help reduce congestion by changing commute times, eliminating unnecessary trips, using alternate routes, taking various mass transit options, bike commuting or walking.
  • Educate visitors and truck drivers coming through the area about the project so they would be prepared to either take another route around the project or allow extra travel time.
  • Provide multiple communication channels for easily communicating updates to commuters, residents, businesses and the media, with continual updates as the project status changed.

The public’s cooperation was gained through community outreach among residents, businesses and other stakeholders, utilizing social media, text and email alerts, posters and flyers. We supported Caltrans in planning and scheduling more than 400 public outreach and engagement events, including: public open houses, presentations to city and county leaders, business associations, transportation management associations (TMAs), civic organizations and private businesses. We also created partnerships with organizations such as Sacramento Area Bicycle Association, WALKSacramento, and SACOG’s Sacramento 511 for increased influence and access to targeted audiences.

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