Work Zone Safety Public Awareness Campaign

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ProProse has led the “Be Work Zone Alert” (formerly “Slow for the Cone Zone”) campaign’s public relations, media relations, public outreach, and partnership development on every contract since 2005. For the current contract, ProProse is the strategy and management lead for every aspect of the campaign, including the new branding strategy, advertising creative development, media planning, public outreach, research, and partnerships.

ProProse has been particularly effective in developing the teen and high school outreach strategy for the campaign. Campaign tactics have included on-campus presentations and events at more than 80 high schools; public events; presentations to stakeholder organizations such as the California Association of School Educators (drivers ed. Teachers); and media relations to raise awareness of work zone safety in the news media. Through our media partnership, we created a mobile app driving game and contest that teaches safe driving practices in a fun and interactive format. The driving game app and contest are being promoted via social media, Facebook advertising, and direct outreach to teens at more than 50 events. In the previous contracts ProProse has created and mailed out 925 teen driver safety educational resource kits to high school driver’s education teachers and private driving schools, filling a void in their resources. In the current contract, a new safe driving education initiative has been created for California High Schools called the Distraction Zone School Challenge.

ProProse leads a coalition of partners who provide resources and leadership training workshops to support the student-led effort. Over the course of the next two years, ProProse will have worked with 15 high schools to participate in this in-depth program.

ProProse also cultivated and introduced many other important partnerships to the campaign, including CHP, Impact Teen Drivers, Mexican Consulates, California Association of Safety Educators, California Friday Night Live Partnership, MADD, RADD, California, DMV, Driving School Association of California, and Caltrux. The value of the public/private partnership established for the current contract is more than $300,000.

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