Office of Traffic Safety, Report Drunk Drivers—Call 911 Campaign

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As the strategic lead, ProProse developed and named the very successful “Report Drunk Drivers – Call 911” campaign. Our team recognized the opportunity to engage other motorists in the task of identifying drivers who are under the influence. With the right branding, we pushed the campaign beyond awareness to create a behavior change campaign that involved motorists in the solution. The brand name empowered anyone to identify and report unsafe suspected DUI drivers, meaning that impaired drivers have a greater chance of being caught because they can be spotted by anyone – not just law enforcement.

The contract initially focused solely on using the visibility of California’s roadside rest stops to help reduce the number of crashes, injuries and deaths caused by DUIs. The project included printing and distributing anti-DUI messages in Caltrans roadside rest stops across the state, and holding a press conference to raise awareness of the materials and messages.

We persuaded the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) to contribute additional money to create permanent signs with the message: “Report Drunk Drivers – Call 9-1-1.” The permanent signs were later installed every 40 miles on state highways. To cover the cost of manufacturing and installing the signs, our team obtained partner contributions. We also facilitated CHP’s decision to staff up to field the calls and to place the campaign message on the “Amber Alert” changeable message boards. For extra promotional material designs, we created a contest for youth to develop campaign visuals.

We creatively turned this limited funding contract into a huge success. The campaign became a model program across the state and country. OTS made it one of the permanent messages of their outreach and lauds it as a major reason behind the first substantial reductions in DUI deaths in California since OTS began. CHP continues to post the message on changeable message boards most 3-day weekends.

  • Earned Media Value over $120,000: We created 10 concurrent media events across the state with TV, radio and print news coverage running repeatedly in the top 15 markets.
  • CHP reported 100 more DUI arrests that Memorial Day weekend than over the prior period.
  • Value added totaled over $2.4 million. Compared to the original budget, this is a return on investment (ROI) of $18.50 for each dollar invested.

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