Our mission is to help people make healthier, safer, greener choices that improve the quality of life. We do that by creating social marketing campaigns that result in measurable outcomes — the measured effect on peoples’ lives. These outcomes are what make our work rewarding every single day.

Our talented team has strong backgrounds in the full range of marketing and communications disciplines. Specific services are always tailored to the goals of each campaign. Available services include:

Market Research

We start by analyzing the situation to understand the unique barriers to behavior change each assignment brings. We focus on identifying the motivators that will interest and motivate audiences to invest in and support the needed social change. In some cases we develop market research studies to specifically measure or track attitudes, awareness and behavior. We have extensive experience directing, analyzing and applying the findings of focus groups, consumer and customer surveys, media-usage analysis, and a wide variety of secondary research including industry trend and competitive analysis and other data compilation and review.

Strategic Communications Planning

We create a detailed communications plan or marketing plan to achieve the project’s unique vision and objectives, then recommend strategies and tactics to achieve them. Our plan becomes a roadmap to successfully accomplish the measured outcome goals.

Brand Identity

Our team has decades of experience developing brand identities for a wide variety of campaigns. We ensure the brand identity reflects the values and actual experience of the project, and communicates the benefits to target audiences in a way that is compelling and motivating. Our graphic design team contributes unique insights to develop award-winning identities for our campaigns.

Public-Private Partnerships

Sagent works with public agencies, non-profits and private sector businesses to create public-private partnerships that dramatically increase the effectiveness of our campaigns while also helping achieve the goals of both parties. Our partnerships involve all levels of the public and private sectors and often we coordinate activities across multiple public agencies, associations or organizations.

Advertising and Paid Media

We offer full service media planning and buying services. Many of our campaigns involve creating multi-media advertising campaigns to generate high levels of awareness and participation. We consistently negotiate lower-than-average media rates and leverage the media budget to obtain a high percentage of added value that contributes significantly to our campaign’s effectiveness. We place ads and PSAs in every type. We also focus on search engine optimization to maximize the campaign’s success.

Public Relations

Most of our campaigns include public relations and outreach. We develop full-service programs, including comprehensive public relations strategies, community events, and outreach through community partners.

Media Relations

We work closely with the media to provide factual, correct and cohesive information and develop news stories. We have developed relationships in prominent media outlets to ensure our clients receive accurate and high-profile coverage. We also develop targeted media events and produce comprehensive media kits, including media advisories, press releases, backgrounders, and more.

Special Events

Sagent creates, organizes, coordinates and staffs special events that engage target audiences in our campaigns and involve them in the messages. Examples range from one-day summits that educate and engage hundreds of people all at once to an eight-week tour of 40+ high schools and half a dozen community events that help young drivers learn to be safer on the highways.


Promotions and sweepstakes can be a very effective way to capture some target audiences’ attention and involve them in our message long enough to educate and motivate. We have created sweepstakes that motivate audiences to watch educational videos, take a quiz or sign a pledge in order to have a chance to win a car, a trip, energy efficient appliances or other prizes donated by the partners we bring to the campaigns.

Collateral Materials and Promotional Items

We create materials designed to support specific marketing goals. They range from brochures, flyers and “rave cards” to posters and full educational toolkits. We also recognize the benefit of providing strategically selected promotional items to targeted audiences at events and for sales calls. Frequently used examples include pens, keychains, tire pressure gauges, custom printed t-shirts or Polo shirts, health/safety kits and mini flashlights.

Web-Based Marketing and Social Media

We include Web-based marketing as a part of our comprehensive communication packages. Web-based marketing includes lead generation, electronic postcards, e-Zines (newsletters), blogs, opt-in email blasts, and videos placed on social media such as You Tube, and search engine optimization.